Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

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about our 'mentor'

From Mystery to Reality: Living and breathing all things Digital, Data & Analytics... and blogging my views on this and other topics!

My exciting journey with data has taken me on many roads and many miles since I started specialising in it back in 2001. Back then, data was consumed by mystery and skepticism – indeed, some of it was characterised as belonging in the realm of the dark arts and not amongst the elite sciences.

Things have changed. I have transformed.


Data has been at the centre of enabling me to integrate my passion for technology, love for storytelling and commercialisation-orientation. Within this context, I’ve become a mystery solver, an insight provider, a solution finder and value deliverer.

It’s one of the most fulfilling domains to be operating in.


The continual influx of new data sources coupled with commensurate advances in tools and technologies, have surfaced hidden insights and data stories, enabling us find answers to the forever growing questions from, and challenges of, our stakeholders.


I was once regularly reminded and now daily experience, that the only thing that is constant, is change. The data evolution or perhaps revolution is here to stay.

the idea behind smarbl

No matter where in the world, I have always been successful in bringing together high performing, best in class specialists to form truly world class teams. The formula behind this is to always surround yourself with like minded individuals passionate about various domains from delivery methodologies, organisational and cultural change management sciences as well as the latest trends in technologies and how they can be implemented to derive business value. The same principles are the foundation of creating this platform I call smarbl.